first annual stem camp participants performing a soil compaction test

first annual stem camp participants performing a soil compaction test


A stable foundation is essential for substantial, consistent growth in any system.  Most of the time when we think of foundations we are thinking of something concrete, and steady that we can build a structure on.  The height and size of the structure depends entirely upon the breadth and depth of the foundation.  Project H3LP! is very interested in foundations and what can be built on them.  To us “foundations” are the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual characteristics of our people, and “structures” are the lives they are building upon them. Project H3LP! has developed a practical, logical way to encourage the construction, repair, and reinforcement of our people’s personal foundations and by extension an improvement in the quality of their lives.


With a passion to support our local youth, we recognize the lacking professional development opportunities in the area. Contributions from our family, our supporters, and our partnering organizations, have enabled us with the opportunity to to offer a limited number of paid internships to these outstanding individuals. We will be engaging in a fundraising effort to broaden this program as we expand our capacity. More information is available here.


Come spend your company retreat with us on the prairie. You can enjoy our views, learn about our way of life, and all proceeds raised during the retreat will help us in our mission of improving the lives of Reservation Youth.



We'd love to spend the day, weekend, or a whole week with you, sharing our way of life. Let us know if you'd like to come out! The barn is always open, coffee is always on, and the horses are always ready to be loved on.