We've been fortunate to have our cousin, and friend, join our efforts at Project H3LP! Burt has been working with us for several years now, and quite frankly, he is who keeps everything running when our commitments pull us from the ranch. Lately, much of the Project H3LP! crew has been called to obligations away from home, and Burt's been too busy taking care of things around here to write his own story; however, he's such a large part of our day-to-day success, that we're paying tribute to his hard-work and passion, and putting him online (probably much against his will). Since he hasn't been able to write his story, we've decided to paint a picture for you of how much we appreciate him around here (again, probably much against his will).

"A critical part of the day to day operations of the ranch, Burt is also improving his skills as a teacher of horsemanship and lifemanship, often being able to offer the perspective needed to really cement the lesson.  Without his help we'd not be able to do as much as we are able to; and we're thankful that he continues to work with us, and believes in our cause." - Zach

"It's pretty hard to explain how appreciative I am of the help Burt offers. From offering a kind, supportive smile every time I throw a leg over a colt, to sarcastically laughing at every goof-up I make, he's consistent in being there to help. Aside from being a stable source of support, his passion shines through in all that he does: Cattlemen, Horseman, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire, and Master Chicken Coop Builder (hehe). He's not only good at what he does, but he's great at helping others learn to do just the same." - Kelsey

"I'm appreciative of the effort Burt puts forth to ensure my calves look good each fall. He's entertaining to have around, and he has sacrificed time with his family to help us keep things running smoothly around here. Plus, he's constantly sharing the Project H3LP! posts that Kelsey is saying I need to share more of." - Guth

"Yeah, he's okay to have around. Especially so I have someone to school in basketball." - Ty


Burt, and his "glamour shot" pose, at one of our brandings a few years ago. He gets to know our calves so well that we depend on him to keep us informed when it comes to the cattle herd.

"Burt Dillabaugh... Served with us 4 or 5 years. Fought to build several windbreaks, fences and to tag all the calves. Cheerful in all weathers. Never shirked a task. Splendid behavior." -Bud

"I send him on some pretty crazy day-to-day journeys, and I even bring him on a few of my own. He's always good for a laugh; quick to tease, but the first to guarantee everyone is smiling for the right reasons." - Jen

"Oh he's... just... SOOO... nice." - Granny