T-Hawks Can H3LP!

The Tiospaye Topa Thunderhawks are just getting started! We're so excited to partner with them in a continued effort this summer to highlight how Thunderhawks can H3LP! 

We will be hosting seven Thunderhawks Can H3LP! Days throughout this summer. If you're a Tiospaye Topa Thunderhawk, and you want to take part... Give us a shout!

Meals and snacks will be provided for youth during the day, and we're happy to work with our youth to help coordinate travel schedules to insure all youth can take part in this event! Let us know if you need a permission slip or more information, we're happy to get it for you!

We require that students are RSVP'd by the Monday before each event. You can do so by calling Kelsey @ 605-850-4079; please leave a message if she doesn't answer!